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It Begins With You™ is an Alberta based small business, assisting entrepreneurs in competing to win by aligning plans and policy pathways to help solve business problems for positive impact and profits. Delivering value, they help motivate and inspire in the areas of leadership, business development, health and wellness, and social development.


Our primary goal was to sell out the event with Facebook Ads, by exposing Julia Camerons’ Workshop to a highly relevant audience with various targeting methods. Our monthly budget was $1000 CDN, so we had to ensure we spent every dollar wisely to reach our sales target of $62,800 CDN.


After producing an eye-catching graphic, we were able to gather data on our audience, later applying this data to scale our campaigns and generate a massive profit.

Project Services

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Creation

Our Approach

We started by split-testing various interests within Facebook Ads to a broad audience within Western North America.

Once we gathered enough data about who are purchasers were, we narrowed down our target audience until we discovered our ideal customer demographics and tendencies.

As we gathered enough data on which audience segments had users that were converting, we created a new Facebook Lookalike Audience to target.

This audience was composed of what Facebook's artificial intelligence tallied as the top 1% most similar users to the segment of Facebook users who had already purchased a ticket. These lookalike audiences allowed us to extrapolate data, discovering a highly relevant segment of purchasers who didn’t even know they were interested in attending the event.

Lookalike Audiences were our bread and butter throughout this campaign, as it created a highly relevant and unique audience for us to broadcast to. The results from aiming for this audience resulted in an immediate 916% ROI, within the first week.

The Result

We closely kept an eye on our Facebook Ad Campaign throughout the months, ensuring all our ads were relevant by monitoring comments, deleting ads with poor results and consistently improving our targeting methods.

Return on Ad Spend
Net Sales
Tickets Sold
of tickets sold with facebook ads
page visits
ad impressions
In the end, we were able to achieve a 1013% return on adspend, while synonymously selling out the event a month prior to its date.

Additionally, It Begins With You Inc. was able to generate more awareness for their brand, steering additional interest towards other upcoming events throughout Canada. Over the course of the campaign, the content created awareness of her brand to over 429,000 Canadian women interested in self-development.

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