CarLoansQuick is a web-based app for financing and re-financing private sale vehicles. It’s a personal sidekick that has your back during the deal, but leaves you in control of the wheel.


Our vision was to build an online sales-funnel process that would qualify the user by asking personal questions about their financial situation, consequently directing that lead to the CarLoansQuick team. With a set monthly budget of $2000 CDN, we wanted to see how low we could get the cost-per-lead.


Due to the nature of automotive loan processing, we knew that not all applications would be approved, so we took an approach that would highly-qualify our leads prior to their submissions. We focussed on getting the cost-per-lead as low as possible through consistently optimizing our adset copy and image.

Project Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding

Our Approach

We began by split-testing our initial ad on Facebook with various interests and images within the top markets in Canada for auto loans. We then took the data and found out what image and copy best resulted in a full application submission from our potential customers.
Through Facebook Ads, we tested different audience interests and narrowed down the demographics, along with our cost-per-acquisition.

Some keys to the success of this campaign were the usage of emotional copy-writing, and capturing the attention of customers by using questions and phrases they could relate to.

The Result

We closely kept an eye on our Facebook Ad Campaign throughout the months, ensuring all our ads were relevant by monitoring comments, deleting ads with poor results, and consistently improving our targeting methods.

Throughout the months, we used Facebook Ads to optimize our campaign to perform at an optimal cost-per-lead, whilst generating a steady stream of applicants for CarLoansQuick.
Results After 30 Day Period
Page Visits
Application Submissions
We were able to generate 167 form submissions with an average $13.19 cost-per-submission and showed the ad to 79,709 people within our target audience.

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