Why You NEED to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer For your Branding

November 14, 2019

Why You NEED to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer For your Branding

Sure, cutting costs is ideal when you’re starting up a new business. You are bleeding money left and right: employees, new bills, computer, office furniture, software...etc. You make a list of priorities: What you need vs. what you want. Careful. Far too many businesses make the mistake of putting their branding at the bottom of their lists, and I’m first going to tell you why it should be on the top, and then I’m going to tell you why it is absolutely crucial to hire a professional.

Why is your branding so important? So your cousin Esther has played around in Photoshop a few times and she’s pretty sure she can throw something together that will look good. She finds a couple of fonts on Fontspace and you guys go back and forth until you see one that catches your eye. She slaps it inside a blue circle outline, adds a drop shadow, and throws you a jpeg to put up on your brand new Facebook page. “Perfect” you think, “I just saved myself hundreds of dollars”. The reality is, you just cost your business hundreds, if not thousands of clients and you and Esther are no longer on speaking terms.

Kidding aside, Esther doesn’t know what colours are effective in marketing certain products and services as well as what colours are off-putting to your customers. She doesn’t know exactly how thick your lines in logo design should be. All your choices are likely to be arbitrary and selected based on what you “think” is attractive. At the end of Esther’s logo design spree, you will have a logo that will be so common It will join the rest of the mediocre logos’ ranks and Esther’s logo designing efforts will go in vain.

Let’s be real, your brand isn’t just a font that looks pretty good, your brand is literally the face of your business. People should automatically associate your company’s branding with the service that you provide. Your logo, your colours, and the overall “look” of your business needs to be a complete package. From your social media images to your signage and even your stationary, all of these things will be representing your business, so they need to stand out and they need to look 100% professional.

Graphic Designers spend years mastering their art. They learn tricks to create pieces that capture the eye, they keep up to date on trends, they know colour psychology (yes that’s a real thing), they understand typography, and know how to create custom fonts and designs so your brand is like no other. Don’t even get me started on vector vs raster (what does that even mean?). These are all crucially important reasons as to why you absolutely need to hire a pro for your branding (sorry Esther).

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