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It is 2018, and it is a very exciting time for local web design and SEO in Edmonton Alberta.  It is exciting because with the new Google updates your website can now rank locally and finally compete like never before.


Proximity has become a significant factor in how your companies website stands out in the local Edmonton search.  If I am standing in downtown Edmonton and I search for best restaurants in Edmonton you are most likely going to get a result that surrounds your immediate geographical location. If I want to find the best plumber in Sherwood Park, Google will not show me the best plumber in Edmonton even if he has rocked his SEO.


Ok, Edmontonians do not, and I repeat do not use free hosting or some cheap 6.99 website hosting package and think you are going to outrank your competition.  Page speed has become a mega factor in how your website ranks locally and nationally. If your web page takes longer then 5 seconds to load, you are most likely not going to rank on page one no matter how great your content or website looks.

SEO vs. Webdesign

The truth is you need both to win on Google now; you need a steller looking mobile-friendly website that converts into sales, but please don’t make the mistake of spending 5 thousand dollars for a fantastic website that looks great and not factor in an ongoing SEO attack plan.  You can have the most amazing looking site in the world and guess what? Google does not give a flying you know what. The days are long gone when you can just put up a static web page and receive traffic. Your site needs to be actively putting out relevant content to keep Google happy and I mean 3 to 5 times per week if you want to make a real local SEO impact.  SEO is not magic people, it takes time and detailed work if you want to do it right, and you really should never stop. The best companies online set aside an ongoing monthly SEO budget, and that’s how you win with Google.

Social Media Vs. Website

The truth is you need both to succeed. Do not make the big mistake of thinking you only need a Facebook business page and a few social media outlets or Yelp.  Social media is essential, but try to use social media more to boost your company’s website SEO and SEM. You need to share your website pages and blog posts on social media weekly.  These social sharing signals are a powerful boost to your business website.

Think about this

The most massive companies on earth now are a www.something.com; there is no limit to how huge your site can become, just look at amazon.com or facebook.com or youtube.com.

One of the only ways to have a website that dominates is to have hundreds, if not thousands of indexed pages and tags for Google to eat and rank.  Yes, you can receive massive traffic from paid advertising, the only problem is if you are not paying for advertising, you are not getting traffic. Too many people try their hand at paid advertising and waste thousands due to lack of knowledge. The ultimate combo is to use paid advertising and also to dominate the local organic search as well. Most business owners do not have the time for this, and that is where Social Hero Media comes in to save the day.

Eleven reasons to hire Social Hero Media for your Company’s Website Design and SEO

  1. We build fantastic mobile friendly and responsive websites that look amazing and convert sales for you.
  2. We actively market your website to a massive social media network of over five hundred followers online, this gives any content created from your site that we promote a social sharing boost that is unmatched in the Edmonton Alberta area.
  3. We use dedicated hosting that is very fast, so your website loads fast which keeps Google very happy.
  4. We have perhaps one of the best SEO Teams in Edmonton.
  5. We have amazing video and audio production that will make your content stand out in the local crowd.
  6. Our social media marketing team thrives on making sure you stand out on each social media channel so your customers can find you on their favorite site.
  7. We pay attention to the little details that can make all the difference; we make sure that each search engine and social media platform understands precisely what your company is all about.
  8. We take the time to meet with our clients and to let them get involved with the marketing process, which makes a massive difference across the board.
  9. We offer large format, high-quality printing for all of your company’s printing needs.
  10. We offer Website financing starting at $49 per month, which is unheard of in the Edmonton Alberta area.
  11. We have a stellar paid advertising team.Web design and SEO companies in Edmonton AB