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Being on Twitter isn’t enough you have to post regularly hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how often you should be posting on Twitter first you should be posting multiple times per day I remember I saw only post once or twice on Twitter and we recently tested this out again right I’ve been doing this test multiple times but with testing things change over time so we recently did a test over a period of one week during this test we decided that hey let’s only post once per day when we did this during the seven day period we averaged 749 visitors for that whole week it’s not too bad then we decided to do a test where we started posting 40 times per day I know that’s crazy and insane I kid you not 40 times now with the traffic it didn’t grow by 40 times but it did go up the track from Twitter went up from seven hundred and forty nine to five thousand six hundred and twenty three that’s not too bad the only difference was posting once a day to posting 40 times a day so if you’re wondering how many times you should be posting on Twitter well it’s however much content that you have to post if you only have enough content and post once or twice a day that’s fine you can post other status updates photos whatever it may be but ideally shoot for posting on Twitter at least 10 times per day but if you do that you’ll get more traffic from Twitter it’s that simple now all of your posts don’t have to be with links some can I try to put almost all of mine with links and what I’m not doing that I try to engage with the community have conversations reply to each other right when you reply to other people within your field you’ll get more engagement so then that way when you do post links back to your site more people will click on them

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