Twitter is the king of the hill in social media right now. Marketers around the world have been looking for ways to use Twitter for marketing and better leverage their time.

I was just listening to a phone interview with Joel Comm over at the List Building Club where he shared his 4 steps of making Twitter pay.

You can use these four steps to build both your online and offline business. They are basic and universal principals that have stood the test of time.

Know Me

The first step is to simply get acquainted. Be a good listener and ask appropriate questions. See what people are talking about and join in the conversation.

Like Me

As people get to know you, a relationship will develop and you will naturally be attracted to some more than others. The same thing will happen with your followers.

It’s OK that not everyone will like you. Millions of people on Twitter are looking for someone like you.

Trust Me

It takes time to build trust, so do not expect it to happen overnight. When you start and build relationships, trust will build over time.

Pay Me

People do not like to be sold to by strangers but they appreciate when a friend lets them know about a good deal. Focus on being that trusted friend and not the pushy salesman.

You may have heard of the 80/20 rule, well when you are starting out building your relationships on Twitter, Focus on the first three steps of getting people to know, like and trust you.

When that trust is established, make sure that you keep things at least 90% content and less than 10% marketing links.

Twitter Tip: When you do recommend a product or service, I have found that it is helpful to point to a blog post on the subject with your affiliate link, rather than putting your affiliate link directly on Twitter.

Source by Gregory Collins