Eight Steps At Boosting Your Facebook Ads

Facebook has become a very influential social networking site and with it comes to a new range of techniques and applications for your business, and most of them are free. Making use of some or all of the tools discussed below can increase your online presence significantly. These applications are just examples, and there may be more apps available for you.

1. Connect the Twitter app to your Facebook page. When you do, your tweets will automatically become your status updates (or vice versa). To make someone a “fan” of your business page, you can offer them something worthwhile. Use the many Facebook apps to give away eBooks, free coupons, or anything downloadable.

2. Import email addresses through Facebook. To make Facebook even more popular, Facebook allows its users to import email addresses of those who haven’t already signed up. You can also do this with your mailing list to gain more fans or friends.

3. Engage your fans or prospective fans in some interesting activities. Start a contest or a game, and you’ll most likely attract many followers. Doing this is pretty simple because there are hundreds of Facebook applications you can use.

4. Add static FBML tabs to your Facebook fan page. Use this to customize your page with your desired images and content. Although you may hire someone with technical knowledge to do this for you, it is worth it, considering how many potential consumers will be attracted to viewing a brand that is uniquely yours.

5. Think carefully of what name to use on your business page.If you have not yet set up your page or registered your page name, think carefully of what name to use. There may be some keywords that need to be included in the title. For instance, if you’re operating your business in New York then it would be beneficial to use this in your page name or title. Or if you’re a web developer consider if it will be crucial to use it in your page title along with your business name. This is one great way you can optimize your business both in Facebook searches and in search engines. Think about how people can find you on Facebook? Will they search for your product or your location or your trading name? If at all possible, make your own research on what words people use when searching for your product or service, remember that what you put in now cannot be changed later.

6. Get a unique Facebook URL. Facebook gives its users this unique Facebook URL once their Facebook fan page has gained at least 25 fans. Claiming this Facebook URL will allow you to promote your Facebook page offline without any difficulty.

7. Use apps such as NetworkedBlogs to link your Facebook Fan Page to your blogs. This will provide your fans an unending stream of news and information about your product and save your time.

8. Motivate your fans to like your posts. The first thing that your fans see after they log on to Facebook is their wall news feeds. If you urge them to “like” or engage with your posts, their friends will see it on their walls, and they may do the same thing, and this may even cause your page to grow viral. Persuasive content only requires some extra effort while considering your update.
So there you have it, eight steps to boost your Facebook marketing campaign. Try some of these steps right now and start attracting potential customers to your business.