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Our Philosophy
  • Mission

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    As a business in Sherwood Park, your time and your capital are your two greatest assets. Alberta is a very competitive market, and to stand out above your competition in such a competitive Market may prove to be very difficult.

    That is where Social Hero Media comes in. Our mission is to help you to maximize both by getting your name on the map and keeping it there. By custom building a marketing strategy specific to your business, we ensure that your voice is being heard above the din – turning strangers into paying customers.

    We keep our minds on your marketing so that you can focus on making your business work for you. SEO management is essentially the art of using search engine algorithms to attract customers. The strategic use of keywords or keyword phrases can place your website on the first page of popular search engines, which in turn increases your visibility.

    Our search engine marketing service first identifies the popular keywords that are relevant to your market and then using them in your marketing strategy in order to help you reach the right audience and to increase the return on your marketing investment. Proper SEO management means the difference between being a ghost and being the most-searched organization in your domain.

    Our SEO experts have studied the methods, strategies, and algorithms of the most-used search engines to place your company at the top of any search engine page. Being seen means being sought-after. Stop wasting time. Let us get the results that will impact your business.

    We provide accurate and reliable search engine ranking data and keyword insights to our valued clients. Save countless hours of time by letting us manage your SEO monitoring, track local rankings, research competitors, and find the best keywords. Search Engine Optimization Having a functional website jam-packed with attractive content is only half the battle.

    In order for anybody to see all of that beautiful content, your website needs to be optimized to show up in search engine results. With a website that is easy to find, you have a better chance of visitors turning into paying customers. Proper SEO management will increase your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, bringing more traffic to your website.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine marketing, or SEM, is the most effective way of reaching out to customers who are looking for your product or service. SEM is a means of paid advertising of your website through Google Adwords and pay per click platforms. This enables us to place your ads in front of people who are already looking for you, and are more likely to purchase your product or service.

    Content Marketing

    From ideation to design and development to the seeding of infographics, Social Hero Media has a content marketing team dedicated to creating unique and engaging content aimed at organically drawing consumers to your brand. Our content marketing creates sales opportunities, improves your SEO rankings and creates a higher conversion rate for your website while staying true to your core brand message. Even global brands need to be seen by their local audience.

    Local SEO

    With the rise of smartphone technology and all of the information on the world wide web just a finger tap away, local search results are changing more rapidly than any other result. What this really means is that you need your SEO content to be optimized for local exposure, something that we can definitely help you with.

    Keyword Research

    Relevant keywords are like SEO magic when it comes to attracting paying customers to your brand. Our search engine marketing service starts by identifying the keywords and keyword phrases that are the most searched for by your target audience. Trust us, this is a crucial component to carefully targeting your campaign and generating the highest return possible on your investment.

    There isn’t a more competitive marketplace in the world than the digital marketplace. This new digitally-driven age enables us to reach out to potential customers from the comfort of our living room sofas late at night, whereas we used to have to hit the pavement to sell our brands. While this is convenient, it also means that every other brand out there is benefiting from the same abilities.

    The only way to get a leg up is to carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competition in order to reveal better opportunities for yourself. Our professional search engine optimization team takes care of the analysis for you in order to help you develop strategies to keep you on top of the competition.

    A winning content strategy makes you look good. It makes your website look good and it makes your social media look good. But none of that matters if nobody sees it. Having proper content is the key to search engine success, since places like Yahoo, Google and Bing are constantly searching every nook and cranny of the internet for new and unique content. Because of this, good copywriting not only increases your rankings but it also helps to convert your visitors into paying customers.

    Our professional writers are devoted to producing professional, unique content that appeals to both search engines and users alike. We are living in a digital world, there is no doubt about that. Improved smartphone capability and an increase in mobile search engine usability has meant that everyone can access information on anything from anywhere. Our developers’ optimized mobile SEO strategies have information about your business available 24/7.

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  • Vision

    As a leader in the digital marketing domain, our vision is to cut through the clutter and make your voice heard. We’ve assembled the best of the best in creative designers and marketing professionals in the industry in order to grow your business’ social media presence, generate leads, increase revenue, reduce costs and give you back your most valuable asset – your time.

  • Values

    Social Hero Media is a content marketing agency built upon three pillars. Honesty, professionalism, and innovation are what put us at the forefront of the industry. We aren’t about smoke and mirrors, and we aren’t about overselling and underdelivering. We are about investing our heart and soul into growing your business because we are a family that takes care of its own.

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