Every campaign is different, and every business has different goals. With our proven methods, we can generate a measurable ROI from the first month, which is primarily to gather extensive data for the campaign.

Within just one month, you can expect to see approximately:
As we learn your business and audience through vigorous analysis, split testing, and content strategy, we craft data-driven solutions based on your customers' behaviours and insights that will sustainably grow your business to an industry leading brand.

Within twelve months, with our extensive data and testing, expect to see approximately:
Volume Growth Rate
Keeping your leads-to-customer conversion rate constant, this translates to:
potential increase in annual revenue generated by your website after one year of using Social Hero.
Qualified leads and profit shown from the calculator is only an estimate and is simulated based on average results seen by our clients who are actively using our software and inbound marketing. Your actual results may vary.

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