Maximizing LinkedIn For Your Business

Maximizing LinkedIn For Your BusinessLinkedIn is no doubt the most known social networking site for professionals. It has more than 500 million users and this places it among the top social networks overall. Joining LinkedIn can help you find more customers, referral partners, contact a mentor, raise your popularity and more. It is a networking and a business tool that can help you find a lot of new businesses. If you want to use LinkedIn effectively, here are the ways that you might want to know.

Get your profile attractive! One way to do this is to edit Your Profile and claim your vanity URL. Having a more professional profile will make it easier for you to share. A URL with too many confusing numbers or letters at the end is not recommended. You can get your vanity URL by editing your profile. When you go to your profile, you can go down on the right-hand side and customize your public profile URL. Then make sure that you change the default anchor text in your profile. It is important to make the anchor text links more appealing to people who check your profile. When they view your profile, make sure that you have a catchy anchor text link.

By changing the link’s anchor text to something more value-oriented, the clicks on the website link will surely increase. Customizing the anchor text link to your blog is a very important thing that you should remember. Using your keywords, this can invite more views to your profile and blog. Every profile in LinkedIn can display 3 website links. Make sure that your website links are customer focused.

Make your profile SEO optimized. This means you must make your profile more visible to people by using key terms which you want to be associated with. Optimizing your profile is a good way to get more views. Just use keywords in different sections in your profile including the headline or summary. Don’t forget to use “save searches” to your advantage as well. When you create a free account in LinkedIn, you are allowed to create up to 3 saved searches.

When you conduct a search, you can click the “save this search” option. This will then save the search and allow you to run it easily again later. Receiving weekly or monthly reminder via email is also possible. This can happen once new members in the LinkedIn network match the criteria you saved. Clicking the “saved searches” tab on the Advanced Search options page and choosing your saved searches will allow you to run the same searches you did before.

Use applications to your advantage. LinkedIn features an application directory. One of the most famous applications on LinkedIn is SlideShare. This application links your blogs to showcase presentation and blog articles on your profile. Another application that you might want to add is the Events. It is a great way to know and find the popular events that your connections are attending to.

Be updated on what people are saying. One of the most helpful pages on LinkedIn is the Signal page. You can track what people are saying on any topic that you want to track. Just go to News then select Signal and enter your search. This will allow you to follow updates and provide you the results in real time. Send messages as well to people who you’re not yet connected with – but could give you an edge if they’re among your connections! Do this by opting for OpenLink. On LinkedIn, you can send messages to people whom you are connected. A first-degree connection is required in order to send messages. However, you can also send messages to people whom you are not connected by using OpenLink. To become a part of the OpenLink network, you need to have a premium account.

By being a member of the OpenLink network, you can be available for messaging by any other LinkedIn members if they choose to be. You can identify OpenLink members as they appear with an icon that looks like a small ring of dots next to their name on their profile. Always check your network updates. This is an essential key to connecting and engaging your network so that your online presence is increased. Network updates can be found on your LinkedIn homepage. The Network Updates are kind of similar to the news feed on your Facebook. You can always know what your connections are doing and sharing by taking a glance at it.