If your business is building an app, you have likely put quite a bit of work into it. Once the product is finished, your success depends on whether customers can find it. Let’s look at how you can ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste.  iTunes app marketing Edmonton

Even though Android holds a higher market share than iOS, Apple’s App Store still holds the lead when it comes to store revenue. With 1.2 million apps to choose from, however, app developers have to work hard to stand out. So, how do you make that happen?

Content optimization has become a popular marketing topic in recent years, helping companies rank at the top of search engine results for a variety of keywords. This type of content marketing extends to iTunes, where an app’s description helps customers find and download it.

Here are 15 content marketing tips to improve your app’s chances of getting discovered – and downloaded.
Analyze Similar Apps

There are likely similar apps to your design. (If not, congratulations. Your new idea will have little competition.) Look for a popular app that would use the same keywords as yours. Pay attention to their keyword placement and consider similar keyword placement in your own App Store description. If your app is an informative app about your great restaurant in Burbank, for instance, note the Burbank restaurant whose app ranks highest for the search term “Burbank restaurant” and pay attention to how the title and description utilize those keywords and similar terms.
Choose the Right Title

Before you take your app public, put careful consideration into its title. Once you’ve launched, it will be difficult to change the title since a growing audience will already know about it, so it’s essential to pick a solid name from the start. Carefully study the search terms customers routinely search in iTunes using helpful keyword tools and choose a title that is likely to be explored.
Create a Compelling Description

After putting time and money into creating a winning app, it is time to tell customers what they are getting. In addition to incorporating the keywords you identified through keyword tools and research, your app description needs to serve as a sales tool. It should compel readers to download the app, but it should also be concise, with the most critical information at the top. First grab readers’ attention by describing the problem the app addresses, then explain precisely how the app accomplishes this.
Maximize Keywords

In addition to incorporating keywords into your description, Apple also asks you to list search terms relevant to the app in the “keywords” section. Include as many keywords as the form will allow to make sure your app is as visible as possible in the iTunes search engine.
Choose the Right Icon

As a user scrolls through search results, the first thing they will notice is the icon you’ve uploaded. This should be eye-catching, while also being an accurate representation of your app. Apple provided these tips for creating an App Store icon that will stand out. Most successful app developers use bright colors, simple graphics, and unique shapes. Because of size limitations, it’s difficult to come up with just the right image to represent your brand, but a search through other app icons in the store may provide inspiration.
Go Global

When you upload your app, it will be reachable by consumers in your own country. To optimize success, though, many developers are choosing to localize the app for a variety of different markets. This will ensure customers in the selected country will see the app in their own search results.

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Connect with Customers

Apple reportedly now factors customer engagement into its algorithms, which means if your app is receiving a large number of downloads, you’ll be rewarded with high search rankings. Encourage your loyal customers and friends to download your app in the early days and spend time marketing it in the months that follow.
Incorporate Socialization

One way to bring more customers to your app, and therefore increase engagement, is to incorporate social sharing into your app. This can be especially popular with competitive apps like games or exercise trackers. By allowing users to share results with friends or invite social media followers on sites like Facebook or Twitter, your app will gain exposure and improve the number of reviews and downloads, which will, in turn, increase your App Store visibility.
Choose One Day

Some people have observed the number of app downloads in one day can be connected to an uptick in rankings. Consider launching a marketing effort that will have a large number of consumers downloading the app on a particular day. This could be a one-day-only sale, a launch day party, or some other creative way of luring customers over.
Use Screenshots

Another factor that might not directly impact algorithms is the use of screenshots. However, a series of eye-catching, informative screenshots that shows how the app works will result in more downloads. Even with a free app, customers like to know what they’re getting before they make the commitment to download it to their mobile device.
Credit Developers

If you entrusted your app development with a reputable company, consider mentioning this. When your app is developed by a team that is known for creating reliable apps, you’ll gain credibility with Apple, as well as customers. Even if your app developer is a first-timer, mention the company within the app. After your app begins to gain some traction, its creator is likely to leverage it to get more excellent app development jobs.
Use Outside Optimization

The App Store isn’t the only place you can optimize your content. Apple reportedly takes click-throughs into account, noting that when an app is getting a large amount of click-through from outside sites, it often is generating quite a bit of buzz. Write blogs and regularly post social media updates about the app to generate interest among your online followers. Keep in mind that an app that loads faster will get better reviews.
Analyze Results

As with every new product or service, the best way to improve your marketing efforts is to analyze each new effort. Services like AppFigures allow you to track sales and download numbers, compare your ranks and reviews across the world, and much more. By continuing to follow your results, you’ll be able to tweak your optimization efforts to improve rankings.
Fix Bugs

A study from Appurify found that half of all one-star reviews in the App Store were due to performance issues. By fixing bugs as soon as you’re aware of them, you can reduce those negative reviews and rank higher in search results. Fixing bugs will have the added benefit of improving retention rates and personal recommendations, which will also mean better rankings.
Update Regularly  iTunes app marketing Edmonton

While Apple doesn’t release details about its algorithms, a stagnant app that rarely sees an update may not have as much success as one that is regularly tweaked and updated. One primary reason for this is that the updates often serve to make it better, increasing customer satisfaction and positive reviews.

A great app can help grow a brand or serve as a money-making venture on its own. Whatever your goals are, utilizing recommended App Store optimization techniques will help improve visibility and draw more attention to your app. With so much competition, it’s important to do whatever it takes to stand out.

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