How To Make Business Come To You

June 28, 2019

Yes repeat after me education based marketing twice as loud a shamanic because every out there trying to sell they all trying to sell hey I just met you hey Stefan hey you know what you're looking to buy home you looking to sell home here's my business come an you're not looking maybe you know something let me give you two business card it's ridiculous it's ridiculous is that how you develop a shin ship yes or no no way in hell so you think about it not just when you educate them when they don't even thinking there's a knee when you educate them what happens what happens yes you see the best easiest way to gain trust is by demonstrate your value by giving valley up front why play the convincing game let me tell you how great I am let me tell you how many

clients I have let me tell you how long I've been in business all this stuff they don't care versus hey you know what let me add some value in your life and then let me add some more value in your life and let me add some more value in your life and then when the moment comes that they want to do business you are the one there's no convincing by the time to pick up the phone and call you guess what they're 50% sold it's just terms and arrangement and how it is gonna work is that make sense yes how is it good how does it apply to you give me one more example put it back yes arrow okay how yes yes yes good one more one more BEC how does it apply to you how can you do this how can you do this that's correct because what that's good isn't it it's

possible that sometimes that you educate them they in your marketing funnel but at the end this is the timing is not right but they might know somebody who might need your product services yes so by being there by educating them then you know what maybe I'm nothing you're moving or myself financial situation whatever might be but now hey but you know my friend Johnny is thinking moving let me let me give you you gotta talk to this guy I gotta talk to this girl because they are the expert funny thing is out there everybody trying to sell CSS or sell when you play this contribution game when you do lead generation and when you not ask you anything return to deliver value

upfront it's so much easier isn't it a lot easier you have no competition but once you preneur sometimes I get it even instant gratification that we've gotta pick to sell we gotta we gotta meet the payroll we gotta I gotta make the money in my cash flow is tight I get it but it's exactly because your cash flow is tight it's exactly because you need the money you don't want to do this because when you are desperate it sends off an energy how many we met

some some some desperate people now when you meet them and you feel that needy desperate energy do you want to do business with someone like that no and the more there yeah let's let's let me sign you up let me close the cell let me do this at the more they push the more you do what yeah you resist you resist and it's the more if especially you desperately need to sell you'll need a like you need blood in your vein especially because of that you've got to act as if you don't need the money you don't need to sell and the truth is you don't and here's why because in a long scheme of things it doesn't matter it feels like I need to get the sell now but in long scheme of things it does not matter

believe me you don't need that one cell and chances are how many well had this experience that you you need money but you know that you know that client is a pain in the ass and he's not paying you what you Val what you deserve but you need to pay the bills and you talk on that client every others it's this experience yes okay how did that turn out happy that turn out not good not good at there's always another client so as an entrepreneur always keep in

mind lead generation so once you do lead generation by the way when you are when you are busy good good and how much lead generation should you do hello as much as possible it's also when you don't need business not gonna care if you need business your name business you do lead generation all the time when but you're so busy you keep doing it lead generation and you test different ways that you could generate leads maybe online maybe offline mute Direct Mail maybe referral way B whatever ways but you never stop

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