How to create great articles and make money from Blogging

Content is KING

According to most SEO professionals, CONTENT IS KING, and if you want to make money from blog posts, you need to understand the actual value of quality content. A lot of people, like Perez Hilton and Arianna Huffington, have earned millions of dollars and built their livelihood on blogging and advertising. Of course, there are still thousands of people all across the planet who are making money from blogging, and while you may not be earning millions overnight, a gradual stream of income can be achievable.

Why blog?

Blogs, or weblogs, are sites which allow you to post content easily without having to create or edit HTML pages. Blogs also have certain advantages over basic websites:
1.) Unlike traditional HTML websites, blogs are easy to set up and cost-free of charge. You can opt to pay for a domain name and/or hosting services, which are affordable and easy on the budget. At most, you can probably spend at least $100 a year on hosting and domain name fees.
2.) Blogs provide user-friendly interface and more customizability options with a few clicks of a button. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy web programmer to make your own blog.
3.) You can easily update the contents and design of your blog, even if you don’t have experience with web design or development.

The rules of the Internet
If you want to make money from blog posts, then you need to be aware that the content of your website should be legitimate, especially if you’re accepting paid posts or product reviews. Here are a couple of ways on how to write the best articles:
1.) Use your keywords effectively – Quality will always beat quantity and search engines frown at blogs who spam their articles with keywords. Keep the density to a minimum of 1% or 2%.
2.) Keep your content unique – Plagiarism can affect your blog’s search engine rankings and online reputation. Search engines and paid post providers will have human editors to verify the uniqueness of your content, even if you only copied a single sentence from an article.
3.) Ensure that your grammar is correct – If you feel that your grammar needs work, you can purchase proofreading software, which will point out your grammatical errors and provide suggestions.

How to make money writing

1.) Writing product reviews

– Product reviews are excellent because companies will be giving you samples of their products. People who own technology-niched blogs are luckier because they can get their hands on the latest gadgets and provide a review.

2.) Writing paid posts

– There are several reliable websites which offer a variety of paid posts on a lot of topics. All you have to do is write a specific article with the required number of words and place the link in your article, with the desired keywords. The only disadvantage is that paid posts can look spammy at times.

Quality over quantity

If you really want to make money from your blog posts and articles, then you need to understand and accept the mentality of QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Advertisers are more likely to prioritize blogs with high-quality posts and articles. Your articles are only considered high quality when they are unique and relevant to your blog’s main theme. If you want to succeed, just remember that Great Unique CONTENT is always the true King.