five tips to Get Started in Video Production

June 14, 2019

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So how do you get started in video production whether you want to do weddings commercials or just freelance video work well in this video I'm gonna be sharing my five best tips coming up hey what's up Sean here with think media bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and on this channel we do a lot of tech gear reviews as well as Q&A videos just like this one so if you're new here consider subscribing TW HD asks not sure if you have any experience in this field but how should I get started doing wedding videography photography or in general how do I get the word around my area that I'm new in the film business thanks for the question so when it comes to the creative industry whether that's video film

design there's really a lot of different paths for building your influence your skills and your career but I kind of want to share some tips from my personal journey and the first one is volunteering or interning the way I actually got got started in video production before I started a video production later in my life was volunteering and actually interning at a church men of Marysville January is your month with two Ashima gonna be limited 7 p.m.

Is when it starts and you've got to get there early can you actually see from some of this footage we were doing video announcements and so I was learning how to shoot videos edit videos audio you know lighting I was learning all these different things hands on and the cool thing about interning and volunteering was I don't have any money right and so maybe you can relate to being broke and not being able to invest in gear so I was able to get my hands on the gear that the church owned so I was able to get the experience get the editing

software all these different things so I could level up my skills so your goal here with number one is to get experience in your specific area so maybe ask the question is there somebody who's actually doing wedding videography or photography in your local area that you could reach out to and say hey can I assist you could I follow you and shadow you for a shoot I'll carry your bags I'll help out I won't get in the way that is one of the quickest ways to level up your experience best tip number two is say yes to everything including unpaid work

yes does that mean work for free it does because again early on you really want to master your craft and so I'm not saying that you should only ever do free work but when you're just starting you want to get as much experience as possible and so as I mentioned I was volunteering for free at my local church in kind of North Seattle area for years back around 2003 to about 2009 but then eventually I started a business called clear vision media and then I started to do either sometimes free work but at this point even low-paying projects because I wanted to get my portfolio built get my experience going and so in those days I mean I did random stuff I did a commercial for a Mexican restaurant I shot my cousin's wedding I remember doing like a blues

concert I did some of the hip-hop concerts and actually I'll put a link to my video production channel because that's still on YouTube we'll link it up in the description as well if you want to kind of check it out to just get an idea of just some of the random stuff that I did but all of that was so important and rounding out my skills as a videographer tip number three is build your portfolio so in addition to potentially doing some free work volunteering and maybe interning if you're just getting started I want to encourage you to make sure you're building your portfolio online and so that's actually one of the reasons why I started my clear vision media channel was not because anybody was expecting me to upload videos there but I wanted to have a place where my body of work could be collected so ask yourself where are you building your portfolio online is it a YouTube

channel or maybe it's like a behance account or like there's these other options for really building up your body of work and as you can see from these first three tips it is all about getting as much experience as possible I love this quote from Dale Carnegie that says learning is an active process we learn by doing only knowledge that is used sticks in our mind so when I think about how did I learn video editing or even photography or these different things I learned it most by being hands-on and actually today I've posted well over 2,000

videos online that sounds a lot but I've been doing this for like about 15 years and that's not just my YouTube channels but for clients or for a church I was working out working at tons of different content that I posted online and it's by doing that much volume that I was able to level up my skills the most number four is study the Great's and so identify the best of the best in your industry in your specific topic so maybe the best of the best photographers but not necessarily general photography you know if you don't want to do landscape photography but you want to do weddings who are the best of the best wedding videographers and

photographers in your in you know that there are that you can follow learn from and additionally you should be doing this while you're going through all the first three tips like while you're producing work always be learning make a commitment to life long learning and I love this quote from Michael Jackson a legend in his own right that he said study the Great's and become even greater so there's something about acknowledging and figuring out who are the greats in your industry and how can I study and learn from them so one example in wedding videos and I was doing a lot of those early on was I discovered a kind of company and a group of people called still motion and so I'll link to them in the description below but I remember they had tutorial

videos I would watch their work I would study their work they even did workshops that traveled through cities and so we would invest in things like those I think a huge commitment and investing in your own education when it comes to mastering your craft is very important ok so I talked about 5 tips but those first four kind of go under phase 1 which I really believe is kind of that mastering your craft phase you know the thing is you don't want to start marketing a bad product and when you're creating video or you doing photography it's not that you can't get started at wherever you are and start charging but there's something about reaching a level

of mastery first and then the marketing is a lot easier again the best marketing in the world on bad content will really never work so phase 1 is focus on those first four tips and master your craft and then phase 2 is get the word out so you asked you know how do I get the word out about my new business and one tip that I'll give here point number five is social media and YouTube it's amazing that we live in an age that is very advantageous for videographers for photographers because what better place to grow your influences of photographer than Instagram you know what better place to grow your influence as a videographer than

YouTube these are free platforms where you can publish your work build your influence and have that lead to new business and new people discovering you to hire you and so let's talk about a very practical example of this so when I was growing my business clear vision media and I was doing wedding videos I did a video that I titled Bellingham wedding video now Bellingham is about two hours north of Seattle in Washington State and I did a wedding there and I put that video on my youtube channel and I titled it in a certain way so that it would get discovered by people locally in that same area that might be looking for a wedding they got

videographer and to this day if you type in you know whet a Bellingham wedding video that video still ranks number one and to this day I still get inquiries about hey can I hire you for a wedding or we're gonna have a wedding at that same place can I hire you and so that's a way to position your content to get discovered that can lead to business and then what would happen is that again the content itself has to be good people watch the video and said I want that same quality I want a wedding video like that I want that kind of content so that was step one and then step two is making sure that they could find you whether that's the email address you

know having forms on your website so then emails come to me that say hey can I hire you and it leads to just really a countless amount of inquiries another example of course is if you really want to grow your influence with photography be on Instagram and be mastering Instagram studying Instagram and posting amazing video clips photo clips every bride is pretty much on Instagram so you know if you want to grow your wedding photography videography business master these social media platforms and that would be my number one tip for getting found in your city if you're interested in a few more tips on that I have a video on how to use social

media to promote your business and get more traffic to your website so I'll link that up on the YouTube card and in the description below a question of the day what are your tips for getting started in video production post them in the comments below and remember that some of the best tips and feedback come from you that think media community so definitely connect with everybody in the comments section and if you have any questions about this topic post those in the comments section as well so thanks for checking out this video subscribe for more videos just like this if you want to check out that video with more social media tips for growing your business you can check it out here check out another think media video here and until next time think media is bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video keep crushing it and we will talk soon

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