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Facebook Marketing and Advertising

Everybody knows by now that if you’re in business, you need facebook. The reality is, Facebook is more than a social media website, it is a destination for over 2.1 billion people as of 2018.

It is essential for your company to be active on Facebook, but even more important to market correctly to your customers and fans. This is not an easy task, and most business owners do not have the time or know how to market on Facebook effectively.

At Social Hero Media we live and breathe Facebook marketing and advertising and can 100% take your Facebook marketing and advertising to the next level so you can do what you are meant to be doing. Too many businesses try to advertise on Facebook with little to no knowledge. Facebook will drain your advertising budget very fast if you do not know how to correctly use the Facebook business advertising platform.

The good news is: Social Hero Media does understand the very complex Facebook beast, and we will make sure your company is getting a return on your investment everytime.

We have a massive Facebook network that reaches over 1 million people in North America, on top of this our advertising specialists will target your local audience, so your business receives walk-in traffic or online traffic for your product or service here in the Edmonton Alberta area.

Five more reasons your Business needs Facebook Marketing with Social Hero Media

  1. There are 1.4 billion daily active users that never log out worldwide. Here in the Edmonton Alberta area, you can guarantee that there are hundreds of thousands of potential customers already logged into Facebook just waiting to discover your product or service.  Social Hero Media will help your company target these people, so they do not go to your competitors.
  2. We understand how the number 3 search engine/website in the world Facebook works and can help your business stand out for the necessary keywords and hashtags that matter, to bring revenue and traffic to your company.
  3. We can help your company get verified on Facebook. Almost every business page we stumble upon in the Edmonton Area is not verified.
    What does this mean? If your Business page is verified your organic or free reach more than doubles
  4. We live and breathe local data and analytics here and Social Hero Media. We specialize in finding what works and what does not work for your company and show you the data to prove it with our amazing reporting software.
  5. Most companies have a Facebook Business page, but most are not using them the way they need to be used.  You can sit back and know 100% that if you hire us your Facebook page will be in excellent hands, and your sales will increase.

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