Your blood, sweat and tears have gone into creating a product that you are not only proud of, but that you know will make a difference in peoples’ lives. But you aren’t engaging with your audience, clientele base or potential customers – you aren’t giving them something to talk about, so they aren’t talking about you.

Young adults in Edmonton spend an average of five hours a day on their phones. And with social media at the forefront of communication in today’s world, we are constantly tweeting, posting, sharing and commenting on advertisements for events, products and services in the digital world. A well-designed social media platform with proper calls to action set up will ensure that you are getting in on the action.

So, what is a call to action? It is quite literally exactly what it sounds like it is. A call to action is any message, callout, headline, button or form that entices a person to take some kind of action. For example, there are a few CTA’s that your new business can benefit from incorporating into your social media strategy that will get people talking about you and what you do.

  1. A coupon code. Everyone loves free stuff. Place a digital coupon code on your webpage for 15% off your product and your prospects will become your customers faster than you can count them. Try taking it a step further and make a coupon that they can show on their mobile device in store and you can create an added level of engagement with your audience in person.
  2. Building a mailing list and sending out email updates to your prospects is a great way to keep them engaged. Pop up email forms still exist because they work. Avoid scary words like “register” or “subscribe” though. We are a generation of commitment-phobes, ya gotta cater to your audience. Try “receive updates” or “stay connected” for a softer approach that doesn’t sound like a walk down the isle.
  3. Like and Share! We’ve all seen them. Instagram and Facebook posts encouraging us to “like and share for a chance to win”. It is a great way to encourage engagement with a sweet treat at the end for one lucky winner.
  4. Another great call to action is a post including a link to a website or blog. Encourage your audience to click for more information regarding your company, your product or your service.
  5. Finally, if you don’t have your audience with you in store so that you can show them the goods, why not provide a digital demo? A fantastic call to action is a view demo button linked to a YouTube video showing off what you do. Heck, go for gold and make an entire channel. Customers will be flocking your way.

Need help setting up some kick-butt calls to action? Give the guys at Social Hero Media a call for premiere advice about digital marketing in Edmonton.