What is a Drip Campaign & Why Would We Use One?

A drip campaign would be used to achieve a specific result or to sell the recipient on something. A drip campaign can help you to achieve many different objectives. Most commonly, companies use them to nurture leads and to push consumers further into their sales funnel.

You could also, however, use a drip campaign to onboard new clients or users, keep in touch with sales leads, re-engage dormant customers, welcome new followers and much, much more.

What is so Effective About Drip Campaigns?

Drip Campaigns increase brand recall, keep prospects engaged and build trust.

Brand recall

Sending regular emails packed with value via drip campaigns helps prospects to recall your brand amidst the noise. You will never be out of sight or out of mind.


Most prospects need more than one interaction with a brand before they are willing to take action.

Increased engagement.

Drip campaigns maintain a high level of engagement between a prospect and your brand. This is particularly important since, according to Gleanster Research, half of your leads are not ready to buy or to even talk about sales when they first connect with you. A drip campaign, which typically has 3 times the clickthrough rate of individual email sends, helps you engage your prospects until they are ready to pull the pin.

People want to discover…

  • If you know what you’re talking about, by engaging with your content,
  • If others have had success with your products and services, by reading your customer stories or online reviews,
  • If you have the resources to provide the results that they want,
  • If what you offer is a good fit for them before they are ready to buy.

Drip nurture campaigns help to build trust over time and position your solution as the top choice for them when the time comes to move forward. To top it off, MarketingSherpa even found that companies who engage in lead nurturing strategies (which drip campaigns form a part of), typically achieve a 45% higher ROI.