Cinematography Edmonton - 7 Cinematography Lessons for Filmmakers

August 22, 2019

Cinematography Edmonton

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What is a content marketing strategy without eye-catching video? We have an industry-leading in-house cinematography team that covers everything from video ads to full-length video biographies that make you stand out from the crowd. Let the world get to know the real you and exactly what you do.

Your brand has a story to tell and an audience eager to hear it. Top of the line cinematography allows your voice to be heard in ways that simple print content simply can’t. It is simply the best way to give your customers a behind the scenes view of what you do. Whether you are launching a new product or planning a special event we have the equipment and skill to cover it.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing is truer when it comes to marketing your brand. When you are trying to grab the eye of a potential client, your commercial photos are the strongest tool that you have for making that happen. They provide insight into your business in ways that talking about it never can. They give the impression that customers take with them far further than words ever could. Our commercial photography translates seamlessly between advertising platforms, giving you the time to focus on creating your product, expanding your services and catering to your clients.

A video is a key marketing tool, one that provides a lasting presence, grabs the attention of potential customers and keeps existing clients buying your brand. On top of helping to build your business by introducing your products and services in an engaging way, the video provides a lasting element to your marketing campaign. It is the perfect promotional tool to use on multiple advertising platforms and will add an extra punch to your website, social media, blog & business profiles.

Aerial Imaging

The unmatched maneuverability of our small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) enables our pilots to fly drones above, through and around natural formations, buildings, or moving subjects at varying speeds and altitudes to provide stirring and epic sequences that are hard to capture any other way. We go where full-sized helicopters and aircraft cannot achieve those “how-did-they-do that” video moments. We also shoot traditional video on the ground to provide a full perspective. And we always work closely with you, the client, to ensure that your vision becomes reality.


Owing to our enriched industrial experience, we are devoted to offering high caliber corporate photography services at budget-friendly prices. Rendered under the guidance of our experienced photographers, we use high pixel quality cameras to capture the best angles of your business. Their eye for detail is second to none as our photographers take the care to provide quality results that we can be proud of and that our clients love. Finally, our reputation speaks for itself – our services are highly praised by our esteemed clients for their prompt delivery and hassle-free execution.

Corporate cinematography is often your best marketing tool, and our skilled videographers have the talent and technology to capture every facet of your business and your products in immaculate clarity. What’s more – pristine video has the power to provide your targeted audience with an insider’s view of your corporation without having to be there, creating interest that turns into leads, which in turn become paying customers.

Product Shoot

When you are trying to lead the market in whatever it is that you do, your product is your brand, so why settle for subpar product photos? You need your pictures to stand out from the competition, and that is where our expert product photography comes into play. Our photography professionals are skilled at using industry-leading equipment and technology to support their natural talent for making your product pop. Because it should be as eye-catching through the lens as it is in person, and you can ask any of our valued clients – we don’t miss our mark.


Your event is one to be remembered. Let our skilled photographers capture every detail of the occasion. We cover everything, from casual “meet and greet” events to product and brand launches and upscale delegations, using industry-leading tools of the trade and incomparable know-how.

Hosting a special event? Flawless cinematography has the power to ensure that weeks, and even months, later you will be able to look back upon it and relive the experience. Event cinematography is also an effective and cost-efficient means of showcasing your business or organization to a larger audience, generating interest and growing your clientele base.

Learn cinematography lessons with Director of Photography Brent Barbano from Sharegrid.

Brent takes you through seven pro-tips to help you plan your next shoot. There are lots of cinematography lessons out there, but these seven tips will help you help you plan your locations scouts, shot lists, and storyboards.

Sharegrid is a great place to get access to professional gear, but that’s no help if you’re unsure what to do.

Lucky for us their founder, Brent, is an accomplished D.P. and stopped by the StudioBinder offices to give us some of his top cinematography lessons.

There are also many items to take into account when you’re trying to learn cinematography. It’s important to listen to the experts and to take your time.

We provide lessons to learn cinematography that are practical for people shooting films at every price level.

Maybe you’re already a pro cinematographer, but it’s always useful to see how other professionals prep and prepare for each day’s goals. If you have other tips and tricks, we’d love to see them in the comments.

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Cinematography Edmonton

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