Best ways to advertise your business without spending a fortune

July 9, 2019

Best ways to advertise your business

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Hey guys Mike from here and are you looking to scale your business with advertising or maybe looking for some tips on advertising your business well today's video I'm gonna cover some of the best ways you can advertise your business when you're just getting started or you're looking to scale so stay tuned now one thing that I find a lot of people actually make the mistake of when they're looking to advertise their business is that they actually jump into advertising way too soon so we know what does that mean well a lot of times I'll be working with people in the network marketing industry or home business industry or affiliate marketing or again they're just looking to start scaling their business right and so a lot of times what people think is that they have a traffic problem right and so they think if they just get more eyeballs on their website their sales are just going to magically increase right and so there's a kind of a backwards

thinking to that almost because what happens for a lot of people is that they jump into advertising too soon and so they're actually driving traffic to the wrong things they're driving traffic to things that don't actually convert that people don't really care about right and so again a lot of people will see you know maybe they're in network marketing or their affiliate marketing or whatever the case might be and so they'll run an ad that goes like right to their company replicated website or their business presentation or their sales page right and so you know what happens is that they're directing just pure cold traffic basically people that have no relationship with them you know there's no value built with that audience there's no rapport there's no trust there's no credibility and so they're just directly pitching them to buy their product join their team sign up for their

services whatever the case might be right and so what happens is that you know all things being equal people do business with those that they know like and trust and so if you don't have that established yet with your audience or with the people you're advertising to and you're sending them directly to like a sales page or your company replicated website you know again they don't care at all right it comes off as spammy as really pushy and again people don't really care so they they're not gonna buy from you right so in most cases when you look to start advertising your business just understand that you might be driving them to the wrong place so that's kind of the second thing to really keep in mind is that you know where are your ads actually going to are they going to a sales page are they going to you know buy your product your business presentation and if so you

know do you have any way whatsoever to track that right where I find a lot of people - they kind of make the mistake of when they start advertising their businesses they're driving traffic to places that they have no way to track or you know again start generating leads for their business if somebody does visit their site no way to follow up with that person if they do like what they see right and so you want to be able to track that and if you're advertising you know I would definitely suggest sending them to you know a lead magnet somewhere where they can enter their name and email so maybe you're going to give away something of value so maybe it's a free training a free coaching call you know a free ebook a free audio training a free video series a webinar that you're doing right some way that you can give value to that person but then also in exchange for that value you're simply asking for a name and email a phone number some way you can continue to be in contact with

that person and have some way to follow up with them now again a lot of times what works well another great way to advertise your business it's kind of like a tiered approach right so you know I talked about it earlier that most people do business with those that they know like and trust and then people that have built value with that person you have a relationship that's going to increase your sales so you can actually do this with your advertising as well so you kind of have a tiered approach which is really cool you know technology is advanced a lot these days so what happens is you can actually you know start running an ad for example where people can first start hearing about you right so it's kind of like a discovery ad people are seeing what you're about and so this is going to may be like a YouTube video or a Facebook live that you did or maybe it's like a blog

post and so this post is all about value right so you're solving your target for markets problems you're giving away free advice free training free coaching free help that's gonna solve your target markets problems right and so again you drive traffic to that first that's where your first advertisement goes and you might have a call to action that invites someone to kind of go further with you right so hey if you like what you see you know check out my free lead generation bootcamp at coach Mike McDonald com forward slash 5-day coaching right so again you know you provide value to that audience you answer questions you help solve their problems right and so then from there you have a call to action which is just telling people what to do right so and you're like hey go visit this to learn more go visit this to get better results so you know in my case one of the things I

give away one of my lead magnets is I do a free lead generation bootcamp so I can be like hey go check out my free lead generation bootcamp to help you scale and grow your business more effectively on social media so if you want to access that go to coach Mike McDonald com forward slash 5-day coaching right so that would be like a call to action at the end of your video at the end of your blog post you know your Facebook live whatever the case might be and so then from there now that people have seen you you they're starting to get some value they're starting to get some relationship with you the next kind of tear of that advertisement would be your retargeting they're basically showing another ad to those people that have already engaged with that post that I've liked that posts that have seen it that have watched a certain percent of your video that have engaged with

it right because now they're seeing you for a second time so if they watch that first video or they engage with that first post they read that first blog post if they've already been there right they already expressed some interest right so if somebody visited your blog they visited your site they read your article you've are provided value to them it's starting to build that relationship they've already raised their hands saying like hey I'm actually interested in what you have they wouldn't have gone to your site if they had no interest to write in what you're doing or they wouldn't have watched your video you know 20% or 30% or the whole thing through if they had no interest right so now you're retargeting those people that have kind of already raised their hand they've already said hey I'm interested I kind of want to learn more so now with those people you kind of take it up a notch so then you could be like hey you know download my free ebook or download my free course or sign up for my webinar that's coming up right because you've already started to establish that relationship

you've already started to provide value to that person you've already kind of started to break that shell off their defenses right you've provided value you're starting to build a rapport with that person so again that's kind of the next level so again that first ad is going to that value-based content a blog post a video of Facebook live something like that right and then that second tiered post is going to be like hey you know download my free ebook sign up for my webinar somewhere that you can capture that lead so the first video the first content you kind of had a call to action directing people to that now the second one is actually going to that and being like hey sign up for this right so you can be a little bit more aggressive on that next here and then again from there you could maybe go even further where somebody has opted in for that sales page they've opted in for that

lead magnet right they've gone through that second tier of value and maybe you have a course for sale or you have a product that you're offering at that point as a solution to their problem now from there you can even do like another tier like hey you opted in or you you know watch my training on this so they've gone through the second two your process now like hey you didn't buy you didn't get started you know here's another ad telling you more about the benefits of you know joining or getting started or buying my product whatever the case might be so you know have those multiple tiers because that's gonna get a lot more traffic a lot more engagement better results than just sending them straight to a sales page for somebody that has no

relationship you know no rapport with you no trust they don't know who you are and that's gonna get you a lot better results when you're advertising your business now another cool way to really advertise your business that's for the most part pretty much free is using social media marketing right so again a lot of people make the mistake with this is that they just are in pitch mode and all they do is sell their products all it is is before-and-after pictures all it is is them drinking their juice and you need to buy you know XYZ companies the best in the world you got to join my team you got to buy my stuff right and so again when you're in pitch mode you push a lot of people away right and so you know a lot of people I'll ask them you know who's your target market who are you trying to help what problems do they have who are you trying to serve and they come back with some kind of answer like you know everybody wants my product you know everybody wants to live longer travel more or save money on you know their groceries or you know prepare for legal endeavors that might happen to them right you know whatever the case might be whatever company it is that they promote they

market to everyone and they're in spam mode they're in pitch mode and again it's cool to be passionate about your products obviously you want to you know enjoy what you promote you know be excited about it but there's a difference between trying to just pitch everybody on it that isn't interested that isn't open and you can't help with your product but you're just trying to shove it down their throat you know that's one side of it that you could do but you're not gonna get great results the other side of it is you know leading with value having content that serves people that helps solve people's problems and then from there you simply transition to your product and service to your lead magnet to your other form of value where you can start to generate more interest build your list build that audience right because what happens is again it's kind of like a tap on the shoulder or like oh by the way you know if you enjoyed this content by the way you might like this is well so hey you know if you like this video you might also like you know this free course on you know ten tips to advertise your business better right or again maybe you're in health and wellness so you do you know a

quick video tip on you know eating healthier you know easier ways to do that right and then at the end of your video your call to action might be you know download my free eating guide right and then that's how you generate that lead that's how you generate that email address that phone number that way to you know have a targeted lead that you can reach out to so again that's a great way to do it where again you lead with value you can do this on social media you can build that following start to build that audience so again as you connect with people you have conversations you follow them you you know like their posts you know as you connect with more people a percentage of them are gonna connect with you back follow you back and then as you create value-based content they're gonna see that and that's gonna start to build that relationship that's gonna start to build that trust and rapport build that target audience that you know has an interest that's open to

what you actually have to offer and so then from that point you can actually start to advertise to those targeted people that are already engaging with you that are already your followers so you already have that trust and rapport that credibility built up and so again you're gonna get a lot better results when you advertise in that way versus just sending people to your sales page to your company replicated website and hoping that people sign up and buy so again guys hopefully got some benefit and value out of this video if you did feel free to comment and share and definitely be sure to subscribe to our channel as well here if you haven't to get more tips and training to help you build a profitable business from home and then also if you are struggling in your

business maybe you'd like to start scaling it more effectively you know learn more in depth how you can apply these advertising tips you know to social media and doing that free end of things and help scale your business that way if that's the case definitely check out my free lead generation bootcamp I mentioned it earlier but there's actually a link below this video or again you can head on over to coach Mike McDonald com forward slash 5-day coaching again it's five days worth of hands-on you know virtual coaching with me to help you start generating more leads more sales more signups for your business I'm gonna walk you through step-by-step how to do that and how to set that up in your business so if you'd like to check that out again there's a link below this video or you can head on over to coach Mike McDonald com forward slash five-day coaching and get started with that freak lead generation boot camp but once again guys thanks so much for tuning in we'll talk to you more soon

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