A global agency with a local feel.

Social Hero is a creative agency headquartered in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta that offers unique design solutions including web development, branding, identity, marketing, strategy, and content.

Our Mission

lead generation + a/b testing
As a business owner, your time and your capital are your two greatest assets. Our mission is to help you to maximize both by getting your name on the map and keeping it there. By custom building a marketing strategy specific to your business, we ensure that your voice is being heard above the din – turning strangers into paying customers. We keep our minds on your marketing so that you can focus on making your business work for you.

Our Vision

creative + design
As a leader in the digital marketing domain, our vision is to cut through the clutter and make your voice heard. We’ve assembled the best of the best in creative designers and marketing professionals in the industry in order to grow your business’ social media presence, generate leads, increase revenue, reduce costs and give you back your most valuable asset – your time.

Our Values

development + technology
Social Hero is a content marketing agency built upon three pillars. Honesty, professionalism, and innovation are what put us at the forefront of the industry. We aren’t about smoke and mirrors, and we aren’t about overselling and underdelivering. We are about investing our heart and soul into growing your business because we are a family that takes care of its own.

Dreamers, Thinkers, & Creators

From our humble beginnings in 2016 to our vast international presence today, Social Hero has enjoyed continuous growth and enrichment of its service offering. Every milestone reached has enabled us to better fulfill our purpose of preparing businesses for the future. See our brief history of who we are and how we came to be.

Company Launch

Q1 2016

Our very first three deals were done on napkins without a business card or website.

First Office

Q4 2016

Settling into our first office which was a shared space with two other companies.

Second Office

Q2 2017

Our first own space to call our own.

50 Clients

Q1 2018

A huge milestone for us when we hit the 50 active monthly recurring client mark.

Expansion into the USA

Q1 2018

Broadening into new markets to expand our skill-sets all across the United States.

Purchase of Iconic Print Co.

Q2 2018

Rather than outsourcing our marketing materials, we decided to do it on our own.

New Headquarters

Q1 2019

Our first headquarter's custom-built for our team which both Social Hero and Iconic Print Co. operates out of.

Social Hero Facelift

Q2 2019

Rebranding of a new logo to match our new headquarters and express our companies growth.

Staff Reaches 20

Q3 2019

Additions of key roles to increase client satisfaction and services.

New Website Launched

Q3 2019

To go along with our new headquarters and look, we decided our website should reflect this and showcase our updated skillsets to the world.

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Your Business Grows Here

Do you ever look at other businesses who are growing their operations by leaps and bounds and wonder how they are doing it? If you want to level up your business, you can’t just take a magic pill and expect overnight results. That's why Social Hero is here to help. We strive to always be the first choice for businesses.

Brands we've worked with

Since 2016, Social Hero has led digital marketing launching and advising numerous premium brands. We had the pleasure of working with brands to organize, optimize and monetize their digital capital.

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