Social Media Marketing Edmonton

Marketing your business on Facebook can be one of the best ways to increase sales, build a stronger brand and increase your overall bottom line. However, it can be challenging and many people get confused or do not understand how to do it. Here is an alphabet soup of ideas on how you can effectively market your business on Facebook:

Active– in order for your Facebook marketing to work effectively, you must login and do something at least 5 days per week. People who only check Facebook often will never build a strong presence, following or business.

Blog– You can import your blog entries into Facebook using either the networked blogs application or you can import the RSS feed into your notes. Even if you choose not to do either one of these, you will want to at least post some of your blog posts on Facebook. This offers value to people, shares with them what you do and will attract the attention of many of your friends.

Clear Plan– You can not market your business on Facebook by hit and miss. You must have a well developed and written plan of what you will do and when you will do it.

Direction– where you are headed with your Facebook marketing? This is a part of having a plan and too many people try and market their business on Facebook without one.

Events– Facebook offers a great events application for promoting your events. Learn to use it wisely and you will be amazed at what it will do for your business.

Friends– become true friends with as many of your Facebook “friends” as possible. Treat everyone like you would like to be treated and choose targeted friends who are a fit for your products and services.

Groups– these can be great for finding friends who share common interests or who fit your niche. They can also be great for interacting with people. However, you want to make sure and find ones that are active and have limited spam.

Help– many people request help on Facebook. Do everything you can to help as many of them.

Information– be a provider and giver of high quality information

Jive– create a positive jive and feeling with everyone on Facebook.

Kind– strive to be kind and to reach out to others.

Lists-ists- use these to your full advantage to organize your friends and to send updates of specific interest to your different categories.

Marketing– learn to truly market on Facebook and not advertise. Learn what the difference is and use it to your advantage.

Notes– these can be very powerful. Learn to use them correctly and offer value to others through them.

Opt-in box, put one of these on your profile and your fan pages and let your friends and fans subscribe to your list. This is not only a great way to grow your list but it is also a great way to build an ongoing relationship with the people you meet on Facebook.

Product– Offer a variety of products so that you will be able to make sales to people you meet through Facebook.

Questions– these are powerful and tons of people ask them on Facebook. Answer them and show that you care and want to help.

Relationships– These are crucial. Develop these and nurture them through Facebook.

Status– use this to ask questions, connect with people and communicate with people.

Time– realize that marketing your business on Facebook will take time and be willing to commit to doing what it takes.

Unfriend– there is no problem in doing this when you need to.

Video– use video to make your Facebook marketing even more powerful. People watch videos even when they do not always read text.

Welcome– make sure to welcome each of your new friends and to let them know you are glad they connected with you.

You– make sure you share you with others and that they get to know you for who you are.

Zeal– be zealous and enthusiastic and get to know others and make it so that they will want to get to know you.

Source by AnnaLaura Brown