10 Business Strategies for your Aesthetic Medical Practice or MedSpa

June 28, 2019

Hello, this is Francis Acunzo the CEO of Acara Partners and Reach Beyond Marketing i'm here today to talk to you about the top 10 business boosting strategies for your aesthetic medical practice or med spa now these best practices will help you to boost your sales and of course profits i'm going through 10 as i just mentioned but these ten are not in any given order all 10 are very important and you should be implementing all 10 of these best practices the first one is a bi-monthly marketing plan every two months you should create a

marketing plan for a period of two months and do this about 30 days inadvance what's great about that if you start with like january-february you have automatic seasonality built-in so january-february is the new year promotions march/april I don't get ready for summer or spring promotions may-june getting into the summer july-august obviously summer promotions september-october back to school in most parts of the country in november and december is all about that holiday season you want to make sure with your plan that you have clearly defined strategies and tactics you want to make sure you develop a promotions plan so you have a set of promotions that will help generate excitement excite the audience give a sense of urgency to buy now not later so by this package or promo before the month ends you also want to have a detailed marketing budget you want to identify what you're going to spend now we recommend that most likely you will you will spend

between ten and twenty percent of what your goal is so if you're looking to achieve a hundred thousand dollars and sales in the next couple of months you're going to be spending between ten and twenty thousand dollars on marketing that's all marketing all advertising all promotional events and that's always typically see now if you're heading higher numbers like 200,000; 250-300,000 dollars a month that ten percent to twenty percent maybe lower we see it go as well as five to ten percent other thing we want you to do after spending all this money we want to make sure you're tracking everything you're doing so we highly recommend using call

tracking numbers on all external promotions so any ads in the local papers even on your digital programs for your eNewsletters So use call tracking numbers so you know what's working & what's not working where do i need to refocus dollars on my marketing plans okay number two for best practices focused sales system you need to have an organized set of protocol and how you sell aesthetic medical procedures and treatments and surgeries ok we we want you to start with really good quality lead capture it's incredible we visit so many medical spas and aesthetic medical practices dermatology practices plastic surgery practices throughout the country and we typically well almost hundred percent of the time we see that they don't have strong lead

capture happening at the front desk alright let me stop for saying what i mean by lead capture lead capture is sort of a big word for something very simple when somebody calls and they're interested in a procedure or service or surgery before you do anything else you need to get their name their phone number their email address what they're interested in and how they heard about your practice bang lead capture as simple as that i would say ninety percent of the time it is not happening consistently at most if not all practices nationwide you are spending so much money we just talked about spending ten to twenty percent well that could be upwards of ten to twenty thousand dollars every one of those leads coming in could cost you a hundred and fifty to two hundred fifty dollars what are you gonna do say okay thank you goodbye click without getting their name and information what did you do right then I know what you did you took that hundred fifty two hundred dollars or two hundred fifty dollars you took it and you threw it right into the wastebasket because now you have to advertise to that person again to get them to reconnect to you where if you capture the lead to put them in your system it's pennies to communicate either by a phone call or email address alright so that is the very first part of a sales system that you have to put in place next you need clinically support consultation so you they capture the lead and then they convert to consultation that's important part of the sale system

right when this the consultation is is performed it should be performed by a non-clinical person really a sales consultant but it needs to be clinically supported especially for the more involved procedures so that sales consultant should build a relationship with the person identify what their needs and their wants our and then bring in a clinician whether it be a physician a nurse and aesthetician to help confirm diagnosis and then they as a sales consultant should continue on with that person to complete the consultation provide pricing overcome objections all the things that you need to do to lead up to a close ok next follow-up so critical and again we see this almost never happening in most practices once you have had consultations are once you've captured the lead you need somebody and typically to sales consultant to actually provide that follow-up what we like to especially is to make appointments if a consultation isn't close to identify why it's not closing maybe they have to talk to their spouse and then you say let's set a time after this weekend when you have an

opportunity to speak to your spouse when we can touch base again and you actually schedule your follow-ups couple other things two things really that are just critical to doing great consultations and such a key part of a sale system before-and-afters right please please have great before-and-afters and not only have great before-and-afters but have been presented very professionally whether review books that you have professionally printed or maybe on laptops or iPads or up on your screen at your desk right so that's that's very important one of the very very best selling tools that you could have the second thing is offer consumer financing so 0% financing we typically say at least 12 months 0% that's a bell ringer for consumers in the United States so those are all the reasons why you need this great sale system because you're going to close more sales youre going to get more people who have needs and wants to buy your aesthetic medical procedures ok best practice number three that boost sales and profits competitive wages and incentives we find it very important for practices whether it be a dermatology practice a plastic surgery practice or a med spa to offer competitive wages and incentives we believe you should have competitive hourly wages we don't want you using productivity

commission's to pay somebody what i mean by that so don't pay somebody ten dollars an hour plus thirty percent of their production in the world of spas that maybe a norm in the world of med spas well what's the Med Spa a Med Spa is a medical practice with the marketing name medspa to help promote it right and in the world of Medicine you're not going to give that type of production to an aesthetician and nurse you want to give a really good competitive wage and then you want to incentivize them with a sales incentive how much it depends but typically it's fairly low it's 1 2 or three percent if somebody is going to sell a thousand dollars a thousand packaged let's say one percent of that is ten dollars two percent is twenty dollars so if i make twenty eight dollars an hour i sell a thousand our package that our and I get two percent i'm at forty-eight dollars for that our that's a lot of incentive that's the approach you want otherwise you're leaving money on the table if you go with high production Commission's also keep it simple it's it's two percent of what you sell or it's one percent of all aesthetic procedures or collections so don't make it these compensation packages complicated people won't understand them people won't have the incentive that you need for them to have in order for

them to be successful which means you're successful ok number four repeat and referral marketing this is the most inexpensive way for you to promote business and increase sales thus driving more money to the bottom line let's start off by making sure you have a loyalty program in place first off on the loyalty programs use your vendor loyalty programs you know what they are and and how to access them make sure you actively use those vendor loyalty programs especially with injectables but also create your own keep it simple if it's complicated the team won't use it and your clients won't use it i'll give them one point for every X dollar sold whether it be a dollar ten dollars or a hundred dollars and then allow them to redeem with those points and don't only given points for dollar spent give them points for good behavior like us on Facebook hey 10 points and sign up for refer-a-friend a hundred points ok so there's ways to encourage behaviour but by using loyalty programs one thing I want you to do is check with your healthcare attorney make sure wealthy programs in your state are completely legal because some state gets a little dicey it gets it you may or may not be able to do it that's very very important the other thing too is something simple as simple as follow telephone contact so to help

develop more repeat business when somebody goes home within a day or two follow up with them find out how their visit went and encourage them to book again now why don't we get you on the schedule so that you don't miss an opportunity to be here in two months great and you schedule them in alright and lastly on that use targeted email marketing it's an inexpensive way to reach out to your clients think about injectibles ok so you know you want to send an email reminder to every botox client every two to three months simple as that that's just one example and there could be many number five impactful website ok what do I mean by impactful website well first off it needs to be visually appealing when somebody clicks on a link and goes to your website let's say or they type in your website and get there has to be exciting ask you like wow where is this what is this and it has to draw the person in so has had that visual appeal but it also needs to be

responsive so when i'm looking at on my desktop I see it one way but then i go to my ipad i see it differently but it very user-friendly and then if I go to my handheld it's now all of a sudden button so i can just click the buttons makes it very easy to get around that website still things i click to call right so that responsiveness is so critical for an impactful website you also need to have an intuitive user interface make sure that you don't have to go seven clicks into get to where the user wants to be we always say three clicks no more than three clicks to get to where that user wants to go to find the information that they're searching for ok it also must be highly optimized you know that the digital world is big and it's very cluttered you need to be found and how do you get found well one thing is you want to have keywords embedded into your content not just keyword for

conditions treatments procedures sometimes even devices technology but also Geo locator keywords so give you example there you may say Botox Boston okay that's one way to go find who in Boston is doing Botox but somebody also my type in fine lines and wrinkles Botox excuse me Boston right so what's going on there you have a condition being searched and you want to make sure you can be found now you want to take these keywords and embed them into things like title tags header titles alt tags all different ways your web developer we know those are all different ways that will help optimize your website lastly is video video highly optimized a website some people say video will optimize 10 times higher than traditional ways in which we optimize a website number six google paid search campaigns okay you know what I like about paid search campaigns it's like running a faucet you turn the faucet on water comes out you turn it on some more more water comes out when you're running a paid search campaign it turn it on and you get leads you turn it on more hopeful you get more leads ok you want to make sure that you're lining these campaigns with your current promotions or what you're looking to increase like if you want liposuction or laser lipo you want to make sure you have a laser lipo campaign running or if you're looking for skin rejuvenation you want to make sure you have a skin

rejuvenation campaign running you also want to test the spend if you spend a thousand dollars and generate 20 leads well if you spent fifteen hundred dollars when you generate 30 leads the other question is that you have to ask yourself and monitor very closely is the quality the leads you want to make sure that these leads are converting to consultations and are translating into more dollars spent by patients so always test it make sure you're getting quality leads always be consistent with the campaign's month over month over month and align the campaign's oftentimes with your current promotions number 7 frequent e-newsletters ok this is one of the most easy ways to communicate your message and increase not only your patient base but your patient spend ok we typically recommend at a minimum to do two newsletters per month with two resends to the people that didn't open the newsletter the first time you send it ok so newsletter should have all different types of information and it should actually point to your entire digital footprint you may have a facebook post

discussed in the newsletter and you click on it and it goes to your Facebook you may have a blog post discuss the first paragraph of the blog post click on it goes to your blog may have a set of before-and-afters click on it goes to the before-and-afters on your website that's an e-newsletter with all different articles lots of information alright then you have e-ad's we call them one focus thing maybe it's an event coming up and you have an ad designed in a jpeg format that you send out via your email campaign system click on it it takes you right to your website where you're trying to get people to sign up for the event so there's the two methods to communicate with eNewsletters and that's the newsletter itself and also the e-ads number eight online news releases ok this is what I called magic fairy dust because when you send out one of these online news releases it gets blasted out into the system you do an associate press level enewsletter and it gets picked up sometimes in a hundred to a hundred and fifty different places online all pointing back to your website now when you

send out a news release it has to be news you can't be sending out a set of promotions is our promotions for the month of August not going to cut it they're not going to let you send that out it has to be something like an event that you're going to be holding a new procedure service a new staff member on your team had a minimum we want you to send six per year at least one every other month as long as you have the news no news don't send it typically we usually see more than six per year that could be sent out and the amount of online visibility and the optimization or the optimizing of your website because it's all pointed back there is amazing and is really worth how much these cost number nine educational seminars ok these are powerful events essentially it's like a big group consultation you bring in 10 people 20 30 40 50 sometimes that come together to hear about a new procedure service or just a general overview of your practice you do a powerpoint presentation it's great if the doctor will do this but if the sales consultant or the manager of the practice

performs these the doctor should be there for Q&A or at least to say hello make sure you have live testimonials very impactful you know you put up the before picture on the screen and then you ask the person in the audience to stand up and show the after maybe it's liposuction maybe it's the other lift their little their shirt and they show their belly that's not there that up on the screen or it's like a halo site on halo procedure where they have a lot of blotchiness reds and browns up on the screen but they look like they're clear and smooth and much younger in person alive testimonials you gotta love those make sure you have a Q&A at the end so the audience has an opportunity to ask questions and the physician the nurses the sales consultant can answer or maybe some of the live testimonial participants can answer those questions also ohh was it painful no no not at all and i really wasn't out of work very long only one or two days that that's great when those participants

actually get involved in the Q&A you won't have a set of event-only specials you want to entice people to book consultations that evening as long as they booked the consultation that night hold the consultation within the next 10 days they can receive the event only special so those specials have that incentive to get the consultation booked and make sure you're ready to be booking those consultations these are very effective and very successful even if you only have eight to 10 people you can be you'll be amazed at how much more you will sell and how great the good word of your practice and everything you do get out there and finally number ten social media strategy it is so critical to have a strategy behind how you're communicating your message through social media look don't leave it up to your children don't leave it up to your front desk social media has become an important element of every marketing program for every type of company especially an

aesthetic medical practice you know it's interesting social media can be come away to continue the conversation you know how you always have conversations with your patience and your clients about you know the wedding coming up or that vacation they went on while you take that conversation and continue with it outside of the practice now be careful you want to be HIPAA compliant on your social media if you have a health care attorney and you have any thoughts or questions on making sure your HIPAA compliant check with them ok but you really want to be able to leverage your social media you want to grow the audience so you're looking to always increase the number of likes on facebook on the number of people that follow you on twitter and instagram you want to have effective communication engagement you dont want to just be

speaking to your audience you want your audience participate in the conversation that's very important because social media is all about social sharing and finally and now this has become very important leverage your social presence through advertising right now the platform to best do that is facebook there are ways to promote a page to promote a post to promote your website it is very very inexpensive to really create a lot of visibility for your practice whether it be a med spa cosmetic practice plastic surgery practice or dermatology practice

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